Friends of Camp Brosius

Each year, the Elkhart Lake community's Friends of Camp Brosius group hosts a special fundraising event to help with camp projects.

Previous years' support has benefited the dining room, Inn renovations, playground project, Efroymson Hall, low-impact water equipment, and a life jacket hut. Two summers ago, our generous neighbors helped fund a fence for our playground and picnic tables.

This year, the Camp Brosius friends kicked off a gift campaign to help raise money to offset pandemic-closure related losses. Thanks to those of you who helped raise more than $13,000 to start this effort. 

We appreciate the Elkhart Lake community members who are friends of Camp Brosius. You are truly making a difference, and we are proud to be your neighbors!

Camp Brosius is grateful for the leadership of Lisa Liebl and the entire Friends of Camp Brosius team: Bill & Stephanie Easom, Anne Fitzpatrick, Barb & Dan Garton, Liz Gebhardt, Meaghan Grimes, Tom Liebl, Alice Schaff, Dee Sheehan, Chris & Mark Strigenz, and Bev Testwuide.  

Project Support Samples

2 people on waterbikes
lifejacket hut
campers playing low impact water sports

Low-impact watercraft and the life-jacket storage facility (we call it the life-jacket hut) are samples of projects that event proceeds have funded.

outer look at the cottage
outside of a large cabin
a playground

The Friends of Camp Brosius members also raised enough funds to install a picket fence around the playground for children's safety. Historically, the friends group has generously donated at major gift levels to larger camp capital projects such as the new construction of Efroymson Hall and the Camp Brosius Inn renovations. Donor recognition appears within those two buildings.