IU Faculty Forum Speakers and Topics

Interact with Key IU Faculty and Staff

Each week during family camp, guests can engage with IU faculty and staff. Expert presentations are provided for adults and include topics such as wellness trends, hospitality, higher education, marketing, law, and more. Young people who are planning to apply for college also can take advantage of the ability to network with college faculty and ask questions about admissions, student life, campuses, and future careers.

This year's experts include the following educators and professionals (tentative).

Week One: Art and Wellness Special

Rachel Swinford, Kinesiology Clinical Assistant Professor, IUPUI
Topic: Fitness

Allison Plopper, Kinesiology Lecturer and PARCS Director, IUPUI
Topic: Fitness

Ellen Leonard, Kinesiology Adjunct Instructor, IUPUI
Topic: Wellness/Yoga

Corey Jefferson, Lecturer, Herron School of Art, IUPUI
and his wife Megan Jefferson 
Topic: Art

Week Two

Brian Krohn, TCEM Assistant Professor, IUPUI
Topic: Golf

Week Three

Godwin Charles Ogbeide, TCEM Associate Professor, IUPUI
Topic: The Amazing Impacts of Hospitality

Description: Do you think of foodservice, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, or bar and grills when you think of hospitality? Think again. In this session, you will learn the real meaning and the incredible impacts of hospitality towards well-being and personal success. How much do hospitality attributes count?  Are you aware of everyday hospitality attributes for happy experience? We will explore how the attributes of hospitality influence a happy experience, how our hospitable verbal and non-verbal communication influences splendid outcomes, as well as the incredible impact of hospitality on well-being. 

Week Four

Paige Craigie, Kinesiology Adjunct Instructor, IUPUI
Topic: Moving, the Moving Company, and Dance

Week Five

Amy Vaughan, TCEM Clinical Assistant Professor, IUPUI
Topic: TBA

Week Six

Suzanne Eckes, Education Professor, IU Bloomington
Topic: A U.S. Supreme Court Update: Latest Decisions that Impact Your Life

Description: Participants will discuss cases heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in the latest term and how these decisions will impact your life.

Week Seven

Kelly Naugle, Kinesiology Assistant Professor, IUPUI
Topic: TBA

Week Eight

Marla Mock, Kinesiology Adjunct Instructor, IUPUI
Topic: TBA