Theme Parties

Counselors each year select and plan theme parties during their orientation. Recent parties have included international themes, safaris, sock hops, tiki parties, country line-dance nights, Disney characters, super heroes, and pep rallies. You will be notified via a guest e-mailed newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as soon as counselors decide.  

Important note: Please do not feel obligated to buy anything new for the parties to go along with the theme. You are welcome to find things in your home that coordinate with the theme, make something, or visit a local thrift store to find supplies. Many families just come as they are and enjoy the festivities.  

Adult Dinner and Kiddie Cookout/Hayride

Tuesday's adult dinner provides you with an opportunity to meet other people at camp or enjoy an nice evening with your significant other. It is the only plated meal served to you during your stay. Some guests dress up for the night but most wear resort casual attire. Menus are distributed during breakfast on Tuesday morning, and you will be able to choose from approximately four choices. Typically, our chef offers prime rib, a fresh-water fish selection, chicken, and a vegetarian dish for you to choose from. The meal includes wine, salad, and dessert.

Immediately following adult dinner is faculty forum in Rath Hall. These educational lectures feature highly regarded IU faculty, who engage you in contemporary topics such as exercise and nutrition myths, media manipulation, travel trends, and more. Your participation is completely voluntary. Topics typically are announced Sunday evening during orientation.

If you have children with you at Camp Brosius, they will eat dinner in Steichman Hall with the counselors. After dinner, a local company brings horses and a wagon to camp. Kids ride in the wagon and sing songs, and then either play games or watch a movie in Alumni Hall until faculty forum concludes.

Talent Show

Reminiscent of Dirty Dancing, the Camp Brosius talent show provides guests of all ages with the opportunity to entertain others or be entertained. Guests perform skits, play musical instruments (camp has a piano), sing, dance, juggle, hula hoop, and more. Counselors perform, as well.

If you have children, please talk with them before you come to camp about the talent show. Even if they say they don't want to participate, you might pack props such as instruments, background music (anything that works with an auxiliary cord), and equipment. When children see others are participating, they may change their minds. We want yours to be able to join in the fun.


Opening and closing campfires at Brosius bring back the days of old-fashioned campfire songs and s'mores. Counselors lead kid songs, nursery rhymes, and old-time favorites, mostly geared toward encouraging children's participation while touching the hearts of adults, too. A song book is provided if you would like to participate. You will be surprised at how quickly your children, no matter the age, learn the movements and words to these songs. It's a wonderful bonding activity for all.