Interested in a summer job or internship at Camp Brosius?

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Counselors and lifeguards work for a minimum of ten weeks during the summer, beginning approximately two weeks prior to family camp and ending one day after the end of family camp season. For specific employment dates and questions about the positions, please contact the camp director.

We also are pleased to be able to work with you and your university's program to help you complete required internship hours via a summer position at Camp Brosius. Before contacting us, please talk with your school's internship coordinator and ask him or her what information will be required from Camp Brosius for us to establish an internship for you. Previous internships include psychology, exercise science, sports management, tourism, education, business, and more. After you meet with your internship coordinator, contact the camp director to determine if an internship match can be accomplished.

Positions include:

  • lifeguard/waterfront staff (oversees swimming and boat areas, assists guests; lifeguard certification required, and camp reimburses certification costs for guards who are hired and complete the summer's work at Camp Brosius)
  • children's program counselor (works with children daily to provide age-appropriate activities and assists other areas in providing evening or other programming)
  • housekeeping staff (cleans and restocks accommodations and restrooms daily)
  • property maintenance and upkeep (works around camp as needed, changes light bulbs and performs other upkeep in guest rooms, cuts grass and waters flowers, takes out trash, and more)
  • children's program director (supervises children's program counselors, activities, and schedules)
  • waterfront director (supervises lifeguards and waterfront activities such as sailing, swimming, and boating)
  • evening program coordinator (plans and oversees family events such as talent shows and campfires)
  • adult program coordinator (establishes, schedules, and facilitates programs for adults)
  • assistant camp director (oversees all other positions and is responsible for camp operations in the event the directors are unavailable; requires significant supervisory, management, and leadership abilities)
  • office manager (manages office store, checks guests in and out, assists guests with reservations and tourist activities, and performs similar duties)

To be considered for employment, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen or eligible to work in the United States
  • Be at least 18 years old by the time you begin your position
  • Have completed at least your freshman year of college prior to working the summer at Camp Brosius

To be considered for the children's program director, evening program coordinator, waterfront director, adult program coordinator, or assistant director positions, you must be at least 21 years old prior to beginning your position, have a valid drivers license, and pass IU's motor vehicle records check.

In addition, Camp Brosius staff are considered to be temporary employees of Indiana University. As a counselor, you are expected to adhere to conduct standards and policies outlined in the Temporary Staff Policy Guide.

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We invite you to join our team by completing and submitting this application. If you wish to be considered for an assistant director position, you should also e-mail a resume and cover letter to brosius@iupui.edu.

About working at IU:

All applicants must successfully complete a background check procedure. Camp Brosius employees also are required to abide by all Wisconsin laws as well as IU policies and procedures related to employment, substance-free workplace, and more. Many of these policies can be found here:

This list is not inclusive; other university employment policies may apply.