Wish List

Often, smaller, volunteer-driven renovation projects are made possible through donations of property.

In 2011, volunteers spiffed up the counselor living quarters by paneling walls and installing a donated bathroom vanity. Future projects include nursery renovations, finishing the counselor living area, and landscaping. For these projects, donations of high-quality vinyl flooring remnants, multiple gallons of paint, caulking, and other supplies help keep costs down.

In 2013, canoe parts were needed for repairs. One volunteer purchased the new parts and repaired the older canoes himself. Other donors contributed a gently used ping-pong table and two foosball tables, and another guest sent an exercise bike. All of these items are very much appreciated!

Sometimes, guests also donate to help enhance the staff ’s working conditions. A few years ago, a guest donated a new washer and dryer, plus paid for the installation, so that our staff could do their laundry on site. Another guest donated a Wii system to provide our counselors with something to do during their down time.

If you have something you think might benefit Camp Brosius, please talk to Wiley or Mary Craft. They will consider camp’s needs and either gratefully accept your contribution or respectfully decline it, if it is not needed or difficult to accommodate, so that others may benefit from your generosity.

Current Wish List

  • New or gently used infant toys or infant saucers
  • New or gently used soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and other outdoor games
  • New or gently used bicycles and other riding toys, as well as helmets, for adults and kids
  • Craft supplies such as fabric, paints, stickers, school-supply type items, and more
  • New or gently used board games for rainy days
  • New or gently used books
  • New or gently used karaoke machine, kid-friendly DVDs (rated G or PG, please), and other entertainment for movie nights
  • Hearty flowers, bushes, and trees that will enhance the Brosius landscape
  • Power tools and garage supplies that you no longer use but are in great condition
  • New rescue boat
  • New or late model camp vehicles (to save money from annual van rental, and our current camp vehicles are aging)
  • New or late model gators or golf carts