Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Accommodations

Do you have Ryder Cup tickets? Congratulations! Now, you need a nearby place to stay. Less than thirty minutes away, Camp Brosius is open for Ryder Cup weekend bed-and-breakfast reservations. Accommodations range from cabins to cottages with a lake view and kitchenette. You'll have hot showers and a short daily commute to take advantage of the weekend.  

Reserving space is easy. Request your lodging category and preferences, determine if you want bedding or not, and place your refundable deposit (50 percent of your registration--see Terms and Conditions below). 

Notes: Reservation fees are for the entire weekend (Tuesday through Sunday). No partial reservations are accepted, though guests are not required to stay the entire weekend.

Due to COVID-19, reservation options for this weekend may change. Please call 317-274-0606 or email slgroves@iu.edu to discuss availability.

Lodging Choices

Lodging in this category ranges from lake-view cottages, Rows End, Kin Koop, Rappaport*, and Stecher to houses that can accommodate 8-12 guests, Kellum House and Hickory-and-Oak Room combination. Each includes a microwave, refrigerator, multiple bedrooms, and a hot shower/restroom within the cabin. Each building rents for $2,400 for Ryder Cup weekend.

Important: When indicating reservation preferences, check the linked room diagrams for overall bed and room configurations, as some spaces have queen beds, twins, bunks, and other options. Stecher and Kellum House have pull-out living room sleeper sofas included in cabin capacity totals.

You are welcome to bring your own cots and bedding to accommodate additional guests; no rollaway beds will be provided.  

Linens are available for camp-provided beds for an additional $200 fee. Otherwise, bring your own bedding and towels.

Daily breakfast buffet is included. 

*Strikethrough indicates already rented

Guests reserving in this category will stay in the Annex*. This two-story building has a hot shower, restroom, and lake-view screened-in porch on each floor. All rooms have two twin beds, include a sink, and rent for $675 for the weekend.  

Linens are available for an additional $200 fee. Otherwise, plan to bring your own bedding and towels.

Daily breakfast buffet is included. 

*Call for availability.

This category sleeps two to four guests with options in the Inn (a three-story historical hotel) and Cabins on the Hill. Please review diagrams prior to indicating lodging preference requests.

Inn: All rooms in the Inn have different bedding configurations ranging from twins, bunks, doubles, and queens. To access rooms in the Inn, guests must be able to navigate steep stairs. All rooms include sinks. Restrooms and showers are on the building's first and second floors. Rooms 5 and 14 rent for $675 and sleep two. The remaining rooms sleep up to four and rent for $1,200 for Ryder Cup weekend.

Cabins on the Hill: Each cabin has two bunkbeds, sleeping up to four individuals. All rooms include sinks. Guests share a centrally located restroom. Ryder Cup weekend rental fee is $1,200. 

Linens are available for an additional $200 fee. Otherwise, plan to bring your own bedding and towels.

Daily breakfast buffet is included. 

Economy lodging choices include cabins and the cabent. These accommodations share a nearby restroom with hot showers. 

Cabins: Each cabin includes two bunkbeds, sleeping up to four people, and rents for $900 for the Ryder Cup weekend. 

Cabent: Sleeps up to six in an open-concept space with one queen bed, two bunks, and a uniquely designed canvas roof, available for $1,200.  

Linens are available for an additional $200 fee. Otherwise, plan to bring your own bedding and towels.

Daily breakfast buffet is included. 

Rental Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are being made by GUESTS and between Camp Brosius and GUESTS.


Camp Brosius reserves the premises for GUESTS beginning Tuesday, September 21, 2021, and ending Sunday, September 26, 2021. Camp Brosius will be available to guests for occupancy at 1:00 p.m. Central Time on the check-in date and the premises must be vacated by 10:00 a.m. Central Time on the check-out date. No early check-in or late check-out options are available. 

Guests may cancel reservations and receive a full refund up to January 20, 2021. After this day, your deposit is non-refundable, but amounts in excess of the deposit paid will be refunded up to July 31, 2021, when your entire balance is due.

Reservations for Ryder Cup weekend are filled first-come, first served. There are no minimum occupancy rates--rental is per weekend per accommodation.

Guests agree that all minor children will be accompanied by an adult while on the Camp Brosius property, no exceptions. No minor child will be left unattended or on the Camp Brosius property without adult supervision.  

Daily breakfast buffets are included with your fee (Wednesday through Sunday--a meal count will be requested in advance of the weekend).

No golf carts, waterfront services, boats, and other family camp options are available. Guests may, however, dock their own boats for free if arrangements are made in advance with the Camp Brosius director.


Guests shall take care of the premises and furnishings, maintaining the unit in a neat and sanitary condition. Should the property be damaged by guests, guests will be responsible for associated repair costs incurred by Camp Brosius.

All units are non-smoking. Smoking stations for outdoors may be requested from camp staff.

Guests shall not use the premises for any disorderly or unlawful purposes, or in any manner offensive to others, or in any matter which would constitute breach of the peace.

Guests shall exercise care and caution in regards to the health and safety of themselves and other guests, as well as ensure a respectful environment for all guests and employees. For these reasons, all weapons are prohibited, and all guests must abide by the following Indiana University policies related to safety, security, and wellbeing:   Firearms and Weapons  Threatening or Violent Behavior

Violation of any of the rules and regulations of the premises will result in immediate removal from the Camp Brosius property and forfeiture of all monies paid to date.

Guests are prohibited from hanging pictures, towel racks, and/or other items that alter the interior or exterior of the buildings in any manner. If guests wish to donate such items, guests should consult with the Camp Director for acceptance and installation.

Guests are also prohibited from removing lamps, fans, furniture, linens, pictures, and/or other items from accommodations.  

In accordance with IU's Image Consent policy, all guests consent to allow Camp Brosius to utilize guest imagery and/or recordings for the purposes of social media, communications, and Camp Brosius marketing. Camp Brosius does not utilize names or other identifiable information unless guests initiate social media tagging, blogging, or property reviews. Camp Brosius also only takes pictures for these purposes in public spaces and activities.